Heinrichs Developments is proud to be a conscientious builder, creating homes of exceptional value. We use quality materials, partner with highly skilled trades, and believe in building for generations. Living spaces are meticulously thought-out, designed with care, and always include sustainable energy-efficiencies.
Because we’re a small team, we’re approachable, efficient and cost effective in all of our projects. Our decades of experience, professionalism, and ability to solve construction challenges continue to drive customer satisfaction. From start to finish, we are flexible and responsive, standing behind every project we build.

A Creative Partnership

Our award-winning team thoughtfully collaborated to create a unique living experience.

MLA Canada is a multidisciplinary real estate sales and marketing agency adept at expanding the reach of their clients and connecting homebuyers to well-planned communities. From project marketing and media strategy to sales and customer care, they expertly navigate the changing market to create an environment where customers feel informed and excited about their investment.

The Vancouver-based studio is led by principal architect David Tyrell with over 30 years of experience. His stunning contemporary architectural works are designed to be functional and sustainable without sacrificing an eye-catching aesthetic.

i3 Design is a full-service design firm comprised of some of the best designers and CAD techs in the industry. From preliminary design to final execution, they create artistic, functional spaces that reflect their foundational values of inspiration, intuition and innovation.